There are reportedly around 30,000 street dogs languishing in the streets of Kathmandu itself. They are not only facing starvation, but suffer from a variety of diseases such as sores, manage and a host of infections, including rabies. Since these dogs do not have proper shelter, they can be seen battling the elements all year round. Due to poor health and hygiene conditions, dogs frequently develop fleas and ticks which are not only harmful for them, but also transfer to humans and are detrimental to human health.

Apart from these factors, there is also to be taken into consideration the human element to their plight. Few of us might feed and look after the well-being of a few of these creatures, and more of us simply ignore them; but there also exist people who take pleasure in inflicting pain and suffering upon creatures unable to defend themselves. Such behavior fosters animosity in those who have been subject to torture, turning them into dangerous animals for anyone who comes in contact with them.

It is also not uncommon for dogs to be involved in vehicular accidents at the hands of tardy humans, leaving them crippled and unable to fend for themselves. This project thus, seeks to shelter and care for dogs, with the intention to protect them from the harsh realities of life on uncaring streets. Our aim is to bring into existence a ‘dog garden’ within Kathmandu, wherein dogs leading lives on the streets without anyone to care for them are brought in and cared for, for the duration of their lives.

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