Subhu Sundar Samaj Foundation is a non-profit organization whose headquarter is situated at Kathmandu, Nepal. SSSF is a national movement of people working in close-knit together to further human rights and provide an equal opportunity to thrive for all. It has been working on to raise the living standard of girl and women, specifically living in the rural corners of the country like Karnali. Besides this, SSSF has also been significant in raising voice against animal misconduct and mistreatments around. SSSF’s very own concept of Dog Garden, where we plan to shelter all the abandoned dogs giving them a better living has been critically appreciated by all age groups in the country.

The images in the Gallery section of the website are from the visit to Karnali by the team members of SSSF to aware the general public about the prospect of the School Health Program. Through this initiative, SSSF has been working on to provide free sanitary napkins for all women in the region and also educate them about personal hygiene and health education.